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Are you looking for new, exciting and hilariously distinct entertainment for your next event? Look no further: Edd Fairman, the Wizard of Sorts, has been entertaining audiences across the country for more than a decade. The Wizard of Sorts uses a unique brand of comedy magic that provides the perfect complement to business conferences, trade shows, conventions, team building projects, and college events… basically, every place that could use a little bit of magic! No matter what sort of corporate or social event that you are planning, the Wizard of Sorts will leave your audience buzzing and asking for more.

Performing and captivating audiences at more than 200 shows a year, Edd Fairman is constantly in demand for the hilarious spin he puts on his classic magic routine. Set for audiences of all ages, Edd incorporates full audience interaction and custom messaging to ensure high impact entertainment. Find out what Edd can do for your company or organization by exploring his Venues, Trade Shows, and Testimonials pages, or find out more about the Wizard of Sorts himself through the contact page.


  • Corporate event needs a bit excitement? Check.
  • Trade show needs to stand out? Check.
  • Corporate Team Building Project needs some magic? Check.


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Chicago Corporate Event Mentalist


No matter what sort of corporate or social event, mentalist Edd Fairman will leave your audience asking for more, and you looking like a winner.

Edd performs for companies all across the country. Whether it’s a conference, convention, training seminar or dinner, The Wizard of Sorts can provide a fully customized show that incorporates your company’s values and message into the magic. There is a reason that Ford, Harris Bank, and Four Seasons Hotels are among his extensive list of clients that just can’t get enough of him and his friendly, clean shows.

Student programming boards, union events, festivals: nothing on campus is safe! The Wizard of Sorts is a perfect choice for featured entertainment, an event host, entertainer for a student showcase, or even a strolling magician. Edd uses his quick wit and improvisational background to cater the magic to any type of event. Nothing draws or holds a crowd like the chance to see you or your friends become part of Edd’s interactive routine.

One of the characteristics that makes Edd’s magic and mentalism so exclusively fascinating to audiences, is the way in which he performs up close to guests. His personal and engaging performances leave his audiences feeling like a part of the show, while also feeling an entire loss for words towards his tricks.





Corporate Entertainment ROI

Should a magician be in attendance at your next corporate event? Or more specifically, could Edd Fairman, Wizard of Sorts, make a real difference in getting the word out about your products and services? Think outside the box and consider all the benefits that come with bringing in someone for corporate entertainment ROI to handle your next company party or corporate event.

Entertainment Factor

Who doesn’t like to be entertained by someone like a magician? Many times employees show up to a corporate party or get together and expect that things are going to drag on. However, with the corporate mentalist “Wizard of Sorts” up at the front, interest is immediately peaked and there is no doubt that people are going to be paying attention. The same is true for trade shows, seminars, and conventions. Take a break from the traditional spokesperson and see how much attention is gained by adding a little bit of entertainment to the presentation.

Added Return on the Investment

There is a cost associated with Corporate Entertainment ROI. While that is expected, companies are often surprised to learn about the return that comes with the investment made to bring in someone new to deliver the message. In situations where potential customers are involved, Edd Fairman is sure to keep audiences captivated and find ways to make sure that people listen to the entire presentation. Many people will be in the audience, enjoying the entertainment, and recall their experience to others, later.

Keeping the Message Tied to Products and Services

Having an entertainer help with corporate events doesn’t mean that the presentation has nothing to do with a company’s products and services. Instead, the “Wizard of Sorts” makes it not only possible, but essential to center the entertainment on a specific product or service, incorporating it into the act. While keeping everyone engaged, audiences are able to learn more about your company’s message. This creates a unique experience. And, because your company’s message about a product or service is so closely tied to the entertainment, this too will be remembered, outside of the wow factor.

Take advantage of the opportunity to shake things up at your next corporate event or presentation. Instead of settling for the same thing each year, try using the top corporate entertainment magician in Chicago to spice things up and get a little bit of added attention!